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Security Policy

  • Our Security System
    • Our Members’ shopping in a secure environment is our Management’s number one priority.
    • Procedures carried out on our website and customer/consumer information are under protection with technological security systems.
    • There might be links on one or more pages of our online store. Our Management cannot be held responsible of the privacy policies of these websites that are not under the supervision of our Management. Sites that do not start with are sites that are not related to our Management.
  • Credit Card Security
    • Data that carries privacy required information like credit card information, is not stored within our system.
    • With the help of the certified SSL Protocol, your submitted credit card information is directly encrypted and transfered to the related bank in that format.
    • Only the Membership and Address Information are stored. (Membership Information: Sex, Name-Surname, Email Address and Date of Birth etc. Your credit card and other bank account information is not included in your personal information and is not requested except for the moment of buying and therefore is not stored onto the system under any circumstances.)
    • With the help of the SSL Protocol, your account information like credit card information is transferred to the relevant bank without being seen or copied even by the personnel of our management.
    • If members are requested to give their credit card or bank account information by people or institutions using our name or similar websites, immediately report to authorities because our system has been programmed in a way that this information is only requested at the moment of buying and is submitted by only you and is transferred to the relevant bank without being stored on our system.
    • At the stage of your order’s approval (The final order step), the account information you submit is transferred to the relevant banks encrypted via the security interface (SSL Protocol). As a result, your information is protected within the world standards.
    • Generally for your online procedures, for your own safety, it is recommended that you do not use public computers or computers you do not know the owner.